The job hunting tips no-one tells you about!


Landing the perfect new job is always challenging, aside from the obvious there are a few additional tips that may help give you the edge.

Always tailor your CV

Most hiring Managers will skim read a CV to look for relevant skill set. Relevance is crucial when applying for any job. Your CV is most likely targeted towards one profession or industry, but no two jobs will be exactly the same.

Whenever you apply for a role, take a few minutes to check your CV against the job advert and look for any potential improvements you can make. For example, if you are hiding a crucial qualification at the bottom of your CV, move it to the top and make it prominent. Tailoring your CV for every application may take a little more effort, but it’s better use of time than making 10 generic applications that may not attract the attention you need.

Don’t rely solely on job websites

Job websites are obviously a great source of vacancies and should definitely feature in your job search. But the adverts on major job sites receive extremely high volumes of applications, meaning your CV can often get lost among them.

Online networks are a great alternative to job sites. Millions of recruiters actively search for candidates on LinkedIn, so you can’t afford not to have a presence on there. As well as connecting with prospective employers on the professional networking site, you can obtain recommendations from previous managers, giving recruiters the confidence to trust you.

Tracking down potential employers and sending speculative applications is a great way to sidestep the crowded job boards. This method requires perseverance because not every company you approach will be hiring. But it only takes one successful approach to land an interview.

Register with the reputable recruiters in your industry, as you never know when they might have a suitable opportunity or ideas of how to help.

Pick up and answer the phone

In the digital age, it can sometimes seem a little old fashioned to approach a recruiter by telephone, but it’s still an effective method. If you’ve made an application online and haven’t had a reply in a few days, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. A friendly follow-up call with the recruiter will allow you to draw attention to your CV – which may be sitting unopened in an overflowing inbox – get your personality across, and begin to build a relationship with them. Also try and be available to speak on the phone, if you can have a professional voicemail message and call back as soon as you can to discuss your application – it may give you a head start above the next person.


Keep an open mind

Whilst it is important to have a good idea of what you are looking for, it is also worth looking at ‘off piste’ roles that you may not normally consider. Sometimes there can be great opportunities longer term. Job descriptions are not always 100% accurate and there can be flexibility, roles can be created to accommodate skills of an interesting candidate and new opportunities can arise in the future.


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